Jim King CPA, CFP®

Owner and Wealth Manager    


What do you enjoy most about your role at BDF?

BDF allows team members to play to their strengths. I allocate the majority of my time to working with clients and potential clients in understanding what is important in their lives and helping them build a blueprint for success.

Why did you choose to lead the Commercial Insurance Professionals Practice Group?

I really enjoy working with commercial insurance professionals. They are intelligent, hard working and willing to delegate. As they are building their practice or business, they have a lot of priorities pulling on their time. They trust me to do what’s best for them. As they approach retirement, they become even more engaged in the planning process to ensure they can really stop working to live the life they want to live. Producers are competitive in nature and that translates into their financial success, as well. We work well as a team.

What do your clients appreciate most about you?

Clients appreciate my willingness to provide honest advice, which sometimes includes having difficult conversations and telling them things they don’t want to hear but need to. On the flip side I think clients appreciate when I encourage them to spend time and money on what is most important to them.

What does “Helping people make sound decisions to enjoy a full life” mean to you?

Many years ago, I started working with a BDF client who wanted to retire and build his dream house on a lake. Then one day I was sitting on his boat as he was telling me about his daughter’s wedding and how wonderful it was seeing her get married off the dock behind his new home. At that moment it struck me how well he stuck to and executed the plan we laid out a decade earlier. He was living his full life. Every client’s definition of a full life is different.  My job is to understand their definition and provide the right advice to guide them to their full life.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Outside spending time with my family. Whether it is a family bike ride to the candy store or coaching my children’s teams, I am at my best when I am outside with my wife Susan and the kids. In the summer, we enjoy spending time on a lake and in the winter you will never hear the King Family complain about getting too much snow.