Matt Mikula CFP®, CDFA®

Owner and Wealth Manager    


Why did you choose to get involved on the Women’s Service Team?

We were inspired to create our divorce niche within the Women’s Service Team after working with a client who experienced a very tough divorce prior to working with us. I realized we can help families who are going through a challenging period in their life by getting involved earlier in the process.

What do your clients appreciate most about BDF?

Our team genuinely cares about our clients’ well-being. We work tremendously hard to provide expertise, experience, and responsiveness.  We always want to do the right thing and never take for granted the trust our clients place in us

What is the one thing you wish every person knew when making financial decisions?

Often the media gives all-inclusive financial advice.  The advice that is right for your neighbor may not be best solution for you.  We all have our own unique circumstances. The right decision for you may actually be the one that helps you sleep better at night. Talking to a financial professional who can provide different options for you will help you come to a better, well-informed decision.

What does “Helping people make sound decisions to enjoy a full life” mean to you? 

My favorite conversations with clients are about their families and personal lives. When I hear news about a client’s daughter graduating from college or about a recent retiree traveling throughout Europe with friends, I know we are doing good work for our clients. They are in a position where they aren’t worrying about money or the future and can instead focus on living their own full life, whatever that might be.

What defines your own personal “full life”?

If I can have a positive impact on others, I believe I am living a full life. Being a good father and husband, and spending time with my family is very important to me. I believe having a “full life” outside of work is essential in that it provides better balance and perspective, and allows us to serve our clients on a different level.