Retirement Planning

Vision. To frame your next chapter.

You undoubtedly have your own unique picture of retirement. Starting a second career. Visiting every cathedral in Europe. Chaperoning your granddaughter’s field trip. Or just relaxing in your garden. No matter your vision, one thing holds true: you need a trusted advisor to help plan this new financial chapter of your life.

It starts today

At BDF the process of bringing your ideal retirement to reality starts today, no matter your age. It begins with a far-ranging conversation that will likely touch on life realities you may not have yet considered. Do your spending patterns today align with your needs for tomorrow? Will you be able to experience financial freedom? How much money do you want to leave your children? Can you afford a second home? Is your vision for retirement the same as your spouse’s? These conversations can be tough, but they open up the possibility to live the future you’ve envisioned all along.

It evolves for tomorrow

A best laid plan is nothing if not paid attention to. At BDF, your plan is a living document, not a stale one on the shelf. With every decision we make with you, your long-term goals are in mind. And with time, things happen. Markets move, families change, preferences shift. BDF is there with you to make adjustments along the way, ensuring that the full life you envision today is the direction you are headed.