Who are the Working Wealthy?

Well, before we answer who, we should probably ask what is the definition of the Working Wealthy?

Think of the Working Wealthy (#workingwealthy) as someone who builds financial independence through the sustainable growth of a business or the culmination of a meaningful career.

At BDF, we help the Working Wealthy every day—first generation wealth creators with unique challenges that many have never faced before. In fact, most Working Wealthy have little context from their family or even friends about how to handle the new opportunities and complications wealth creates.

Now that you know what we consider the Working Wealthy, how do you know if you’re in the same boat? The Working Wealthy include all types of people—business owners, professionals and educators to name just a few. But profession is too narrow a qualifier, so consider how you’d answer the following questions

  1. Do you think about how your children or family will need money? Whether saving for college tuition or getting ready to help an aging parent with assisted living, the Working Wealthy typically realize at some point that their financial responsibility goes beyond themselves.
  1. Is your job just a job to you? Some people are fortunate enough to love what they do. That passion and energy they bring to their professional life is what drives their success. The Working Wealthy are typically those that continue to move up their career path or grow a business when others didn’t want to take the risk.
  1. Can you recall a time when you didn’t save money? Most Working Wealthy have saved, however modest or irregular, for nearly their entire adult lives. Focusing on saving so frequently makes it ingrain in their attitudes about spending and how they value the services and goods they purchase.

You get the idea. The Working Wealthy are typically thoughtful about their family, career and financial independence. And every penny counts when it comes to all three of these.

In future posts, we’ll dive into what really matters for the Working Wealthy. What do they worry about, what makes them feel good financially and how do they handle the responsibility of the wealth they’ve created.

Nick Cosky, CFP® is a Wealth Manager and Owner at BDF and is responsible for educating and introducing prospective clients that are considering hiring BDF for their wealth management needs. In previous roles, Nick has served as the head of BDF’s Financial Planning Committee and has participated on the Business Owner Team and Women’s Service Team. Nick is passionate about the planning that BDF does for its clients and enjoys every aspect of the client-advisor relationship. Nick graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and English. He is a CFP® professional and is a member of the Auxiliary Board at the Art Institute of Chicago.